About Our Company

Online Buying From Stores

We Uniquely Provide: The first live streaming shopping experience for consumers to view store inventory from a mobile phone, laptop, desktop or TV.

Passion: This is important to StreamShopper because we recognize the need brick-and-mortar stores have when competing with traditional online sales. Brick-and-mortar stores have merchandise not seen in online stores that can be used to push them ahead of online retailers. We want to make brick-and-mortar stores relevant again and keep them in business!!


Free Website Design -- Zero Upfront Website Design Cost! We build your website for you! You pick your theme design and we will customize a beautiful new website for you with your own URL.

LiveShopping -- A real time live streaming video connection that allows shoppers and salespeople in stores to have real interaction. All the merchandise in the store can be seen.

Recorded Videos -- StreamShopper lets shoppers see the items they are interested in via recorded video.

MarketPlace Shopping -- A shopper-facing web site through our platform.

OnePlace Shopping -- We aggregate all shopping videos on our site.

Total Posting -- Videos are posted automatically and can be found on Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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